Environment & Quality

TEXAB works purposefully and continuously with these important issues. To succeed in any operation one undertakes, this is the key to success. We carry out tasks mainly with our own vehicles and our own staff to ensure a high quality level of work performed.

Environment & Quality

TEXAB is a carrier, not a shipper who hires transport resources from other companies. We therefore have total control over our relocations to ensure they are carried out with high quality and that environmental issues are taken into account according to our stated targets.

The company is family owned and as of July 2017 had 160 employees. We own our own vehicles that are well equipped for relocations. The oldest vehicles are of 2010 years model and holds the Environmental Classification of Euro 4. In 2016, we did the latest renewal of our fleet, a 50 cbm capacity Volvo FM Truck that holds the highest Environmental Classification of Euro 6.

We carry out relocations from small-scale “simple” ones in the vicinity to the more complicated ones to another country, perhaps even to another continent. In all cases, demands are placed on us to cost-effectively perform the work, whilst taking into account environmental issues and upholding quality levels.

Relocation descriptions, incident reports, instructions for operation, vehicle controls, the right equipment and so on – everything is documented and monitored continuously.

TEXAB has been quality certified according to FIDI’s high standards for international household goods transports in a professional manner from 2001 to 2005. The certification, called FAIM, has been carried out and controlled by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. Having this certification was an acknowledgment that TEXAB had the knowledge and capacity needed. Further to the evolution of FAIM towards outsourcing of the supply chain, which we disagree with, At TEXAB we have therefore taken the basics of what FIDI-FAIM certification involves and further developed it into our own quality standard; TEXAB TOP QUALITY. At TEXAB, customers should always experience a very professional service level and treatment. The customer should feel an added value by using TEXAB.

TEXAB works according to environmental standard ISO 14001, a standard that in 2003 led to TEXAB, the only relocation company in the world, receiving FIDI’s Environmental Award. The prize was awarded to TEXAB in competition with 800 companies. A detailed overview of company procedures and suppliers has been performed. Environmental review has been completed and reported. An environmental management system is implemented. Several significant environmental aspects have been identified and the following three are what we are currently focusing on.

  1. Emissions into the air
  2. Emissions into soil and water (chemicals and tires)
  3. Emergence and management of waste