TEXAB is a relocation company that offers all services related to relocation – locally, domestically, internationally and we can even perform office relocations.


We are located at three locations in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Ängelholm (in the Skåne region of Sweden).

The company was founded in 1987 and has over the years conducted tens of thousands of relocations of all kinds.

Everything from local relocations in the vicinity to relocating recording studios in Europe, pianos to the USA, library relocations, laboratory relocations, relocations of district councils, schools, etc.

We have the basic philosophy that no job is impossible whilst customers should feel an added value when they use us for their relocation, a moving company that they can rely on.

Added value is based on quality and accountability.

We always aim to provide an accurate fixed price, which is why we prefer to do free inspections before the customer decides if we get the assignment.

Only for small-scale relocations do we charge by the hour, or alternatively per cubic meter upon remote/European/overseas relocations.

After talking with you, where we ask about lift capacity, number of steps, especially fragile items etc. – we put together an appropriate team.

Would you like things to be packed? We carry this out with specially trained packing specialists.

Do you need cleaning done too? Of course we also offer this. In Sweden you can use the RUT-avdraget stipulation and only pay half the cost.

For moving within Sweden, the general consumer conditions BOHAG 2010 are applicable that provide basic protection. Particularly valuable items with a value in excess of half a base amount may be additionally insured if desired.

We are an agent partner of the insurance company called If.