Texab has adequate storage facilities for the storage of household goods and commercial goods in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Ängelholm. The capacity is 2740m2 Stockholm, 800m2 in Gothenburg and 1000m2 in Ängelholm.


The storage of household goods takes place in containers of 8 cubicmeter. The goods are covered over and additionally packaged if it is needed. The storage facility is temperature controlled. The areas are fenced in and guarded by a security company.

Contact us for a storage quote. You will be pleasantly surprised by our affordable solutions.

If you use our storage facilities for commercial goods, we can help you with the execution of orders (picking and packing). We have daily pickups for distribution within and outside the country.

In cooperation with insurance companies we insure your household goods/goods according to your wishes, or notify your home insurance company that you have household goods stored with us. Our storage facilities are inspected and approved by all major insurance companies.